Early Hybrid Tea Roses


Discovered in 1867 by Jean Baptiste-Guillot, the hybrid tea rose has become one of the most sought-after roses for gardeners and florists alike. The long stem and single bud makes it the perfect rose for a vase. The delicate fragrances generated by the large blooms make the hybrid tea rose the perfect addition for a garden or container. The color ranges from deep red to white and pearl tones, with petals lasting late into the growing season.


The early hybrid tea rose is identified by its characteristic single bloom. Many long stem roses produced for commercial floral use are hybrid tea roses. Other types of roses produce several blooms on one stem or form a cluster of smaller flowers throughout the greenery. The bloom of the hybrid tea rose can reach diameters of up to 5 inches.


Hybrid tea roses have been developed so there is a variety for every garden and gardener. All varieties prefer full sun and each has its own reason for being chosen as the hybrid tea rose for your garden. Varieties include those which are drought resistant and heat tolerant, such as the Chicago Peace rose. Black Magic blooms last longer in the garden and in the vase. Double Delight offers a strong fragrance for those wanting the traditional rose scent. The hybrid tea rose varieties offer you the ability to make your rose garden as individual as you are, with different colors, scents, and growing requirements.

Growing Conditions

Hybrid tea roses must have soil with good drainage. The rose bush does not like wet feet and will succumb to mildew and root rot if the soil does not get a change to dry between waterings. Scheduled feeding keeps the soil in proper balance for optimum growth and bloom. The light requirements for the hybrid tea rose are at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.


Prune hybrid tea roses during the dormant season. Late fall or early spring are the best choices so the harsh winter weather does not damage the pruned canes. Use a sharp pair of shears to ensure a clean cut that will not damage the surrounding stem tissue. Fertilize the hybrid tea rose three times during the growing season. Application of a 10-10-10 fertilizer should be done when the roses are pruned. Another application is needed when the tea roses start blooming. The last fertilizer application must be done before the end of July. New growth spurred by the addition of fertilizer late in the growing season may not sustain the cold winter months.


Plant hybrid tea roses 3 feet apart for proper root development. Bushier varieties need to be spaced even farther apart. Bare root roses must be soaked for several hours before planting. You can either let them soak overnight for early morning planting or place in water early in the morning for evening planting. Never plant anything during the heat of the day. Damaged or spindly growth should be pruned before planting.

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