How to Plant Vegetables in Containers


Planting vegetables in containers is a great option if you have limited space or don't have the time for a full-sized vegetable garden. Almost any backyard vegetable will grow in a container. However, there are some that adapt better to the confines of a terra cotta, wood or plastic pot, such as tomatoes, green peppers, green beans and herbs. The most important thing is to grow vegetables you and your family will enjoy eating.

Step 1

Decide on your containers. A 5-gallon container, for each plant other than herbs, is a good choice that will give your vegetable plant plenty of root space. Herbs can be planted together in one container. Make sure the pots have drainage holes on the bottom.

Step 2

Toss some stones, marbles or broken terra cotta on the bottom of the pot over the drainage hole.

Step 3

Fill the rest of the pot with commercial potting soil from your local nursery or garden center. This soil needs to be disease and weed and seed free.

Step 4

Water the soil enough to moisten it, but not sopping.

Step 5

Plant your seeds according to the packet directions. Different seeds will require different planting depths. Gently cover the whole seed with soil.

Step 6

Cover the container with plastic wrap. Remove the wrap when the seeds germinate and the seedling becomes visible. The soil in a container will not stay as warm as ground soil.

Step 7

Place the container in a location outdoors that receives sun for most of the day.

Step 8

Use a misting water bottle to water the soil around the plant until it appears stable. Then, you may water it as you would a house plant. Remember that container soil will dry faster than ground soil, so check it for dryness often.

Things You'll Need

  • Containers
  • Potting soil
  • Vegetable seeds


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  • Flower Gardening Made Easy
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