How to Prune New Grapevines


Pruning new grapevines is very important to their fruit production and health. They produce fruit within their first year, so you must pay attention to how you prune them during the first year and second. You'll just need some simple materials and patience.

Step 1

Keep an eye on the grapevine during the first year to see which way it grows. If you let it develop a strong root system and lots of stems and leaves, it will create a more stable, strong new grapevine. Don't prune at all during this year.

Step 2

Locate the strongest and most vigorous-looking stem on the grapevine during the first year's winter season. Use pruning shears to remove all the other stems and vines at the base of the dominant stem. Use a grape stake to support the dominant stem (which will eventually be the grapevine trunk). Stake the remaining stem, which will become the trunk of the plant.

Step 3

Let the stems grow from the main trunk, and during the second year's spring, remove all of the best side shoots except for two that are growing from the trunk.

Step 4

Use the pruning shears to trim back the top of the trunk during the summer of the second year. It is during this time that the grapevine will reach the optimum height, so pruning it will encourage new growth.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Grape stake
  • Gloves


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