Spring Wreath Ideas

Herald the arrival of spring with a wreath wrapped in silk cherry blossoms or delicate foliage dotted with bird nests. You can easily make a spring wreath with a variety of materials from the craft store. Wreath frames made from metal, grapevines and floral foam are available in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 36 inches in diameter.

Cherry Blossom

Wrap a double wire wreath frame with cherry blossom garland to create an elegant springtime welcome. The double wire frame gives the wreath more dimension than a single wire frame. Wrap the garland tightly around the frame to create a floral spring wreath that's full and colorful. The delicate cherry blossoms are striking and can stand alone; this decoration needs no other embellishment.

Bird's Nest

Hand-painted wooden eggs in shades of light blue, yellow and green help create a spring wreath for your front door or for a centerpiece on your dining table. Wrap a double wire wreath with silk ivy or use a grapevine wreath as a background for your bird's nests. Or cover a floral foam wreath with Spanish moss as your background. Your craft store will have small, unfinished wooden eggs you can paint with acrylics. They may also have bird's nests made from twigs, or you can find them from online floral supply retailers. Glue the eggs into the nests and wire the nests onto the wreath frame to create a country style spring wreath.


Tulips are one of the main flowers associated with spring and you can make a wreath to celebrate these beautiful flowers. Begin with a grapevine wreath frame of any size and cover one side of the wreath with a bouquet of silk tulips. Make the bouquet by gathering the tulips in a bunch and tying ribbon around the stems. Adjust the stems so that the flowers have staggered heights and so they are all visible from the front. Attach the bouquet to the lower left side of your wreath frame with floral wire. Let the ribbon drape over the stems for added dimension.

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