How Do Apple Trees Grow?


Growing apple trees in your landscape can produce delicious fruit for many years. When growing your apple tree, consider the site selection, including soil type and amount of sun the spot receives each day. Proper pruning and harvesting is essential to keep the apple tee healthy and productive. Apple trees can be grown to produce a wide array of types for delicious recipes or to can for wintertime use. When placed in a cool and humid environment, an apple can be stored for many months.


Apple trees are deciduous trees which prefer temperate climates, locations that aren't too hot or cold. Best grown on hilltops and side slopes, they prefer well-drained soil trees and flourish in areas where the average winter temperature is close to freezing for at least 2 months. These trees also need full sun to thrive and should not be planted where the apple tree is shaded by other trees. Belonging to the rosaceae family, in the spring the apple tree produces white flowers that resemble a miniature rose.


Apple trees need to be pollinated in order to produce fruit. The pollen stimulates the growth of the seed, found inside the apple. In late spring, the blossoms appear on the trees. For the next one or two weeks, the blossoms produce pollen and nectar, which attracts honeybees. The honeybees move around between the blossoms collecting the nectar and transfer the pollen from blossom to blossom, making the honeybee an essential component in how apple trees grow. Apples begin growing into fruit around 150 days after pollination.

Pruning & Harvesting

Young trees must be pruned during the first four to five years to ensure the branches are equally disturbed on the trunk. This also allows strong branches to flourish. Week branches should be removed during the pruning process. Apple trees will grow up to 39 feet in height and can produce fruit up to 100 years. Pick apples off the tree each year for a plentiful harvest. Apple trees can produce up to 840 pounds of fruit each year. Typically apples that ripen in the fall will remain fresh for a year if stored in cool rooms. Can apples and make applesauce, which can also be stored for long periods of time.

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