What Does a Flower Need to Survive?


Flowers provide colorful landscapes and fragrant scents. They give nectar to insects, food to wildlife and beauty to gardeners. Though they are very giving plants, flowers require several basic necessities to maintain their survival.


Water is an essential basic for all flowers. Although rain will provide some moisture for flowers, they should be watered regularly to prevent drought status.


Every flower requires the proper amounts of sunlight to survive. Flowers use a combination of water and sunlight to create the nutrients it needs to survive and flourish.


Flowers require soil with balanced pH levels. The level requirements can vary by flower type. Fertilizer can be used to balance the levels when adjustments are required.

Moderate Temperatures

Flowers require moderate to warm temperatures to promote their blossoming. The temperature requirements vary by flower type, growing location and sunlight quantity.


Growing space is a requirement for flourishing flowers. Rapidly growing flowers tend to reproduce and multiply. Flower crowding can result in stunted growth and wilting of petals.


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