List of Incompatible Vegetable Garden Plants

Companion planting in your vegetable garden can discourage insects and produce higher yields. However, some vegetables are incompatible, and when planted near one another in your garden, they may contribute to reduced crop yields or increased disease and insects.


Beans are incompatible with chives, onion, garlic, fennel and leeks. Garlic and onion can stunt the growth of beans.


Keep beets away from pole beans and mustard in your vegetable garden. Beets and pole beans stunt each other's growth.


Broccoli is incompatible with lettuce and tomato. Both lettuce and broccoli attract the same aphids.


Celery is incompatible with corn, as they both attract beetles.


Keep your corn rows separate from your tomato and celery plants; they attract the same insects.


Onions grow best when they are planted away from beans and peas in your vegetable garden, as they can stunt each others growth.


Peas prefer to be planted away from garlic, leeks, onions, potatoes and shallots. Garlic and onions can retard the growth of peas.


Do not plant peppers near fennel or kohlrabi as they all attract the same insects.


Potatoes are incompatible with a variety of vegetables in your garden. Tomatoes, turnips, pumpkins, squash, radish and cucumbers can impede potato production. Potatoes and tomatoes are attacked by the same blight, so planting them close together creates double incentive for disease.


Plant your tomatoes far away from broccoli, cabbage, corn, cauliflower, fennel, kohlrabi and potatoes. Corn attracts a worm that also enjoys tomatoes; kohlrabi can stunt the growth of tomatoes.

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