Amethyst Flower Fast Facts


The amethyst flower, or Browallia speciosa, is also known as the bush violet. It is an annual plant, which means it will need to be replanted each year. It will not come back on its own. This is a good plant for hanging baskets or for a container garden.


Amethyst flower, as the name implies, is a bluish violet. The blooms contrast well against the green of the leaves.


Seeds should be used for propagation, without cover, in the early spring. Watering should be from below the pot or tray, transplanting to their new location when they are hardy.


Compost can help nourish the plants but don't overfeed with additional fertilizers or you'll only get leaves without blooms. A simple 1/2 inch or so of compost added to the soil will work well.


Amethyst flower needs full sun for part of the day and isn't well suited for windy environments or cold climates; it is not particular about soil type. It will grow to about 12 inches high, 8 to 12 inches wide.


Before the first frost, about six to eight weeks prior, dig the plants up. Repot them inside and cut them back drastically. Putting them in a sunny location indoors will insure flowers all through winter.


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