Types of Composting Bins

Compost bins are a simple and affordable way to nourish your flowers and plants using your own recycled materials. Old vegetables, fruit and yard waste can be used to create a nutrient-rich bin. By keeping the compost contained in a bin, the decomposition process speeds up and produces an organic material that your lawn and garden will love. There are a variety of bins to choose from that are available in different sizes and shapes, depending upon your budget and space requirements.

Wire Bin

Wire composting bins are simple to create using chicken or galvanized wire. To create a wire bin, wrap the wire around into a cylindrical form and fasten with twist ties at the bottom and top of the bin. To anchor the bin into the ground, attach the composting bin to a wood pole. Cover the wire bin with another piece of chicken wire or use a piece of recycled wood or lumber.

Worm Bin

Worm composting bins use vegetable and fruit scraps only, without yard waste or meat. Worm composting bins are compact and designed to exclude animals that are attracted to food scraps, making them ideal in small yards or decks or patios. Worm bins do not smell and can be kept indoors and harvested every two to three months, which is ideal in small spaces.

Multi Bin

A multi bin system is ideal for larger households and community spaces that produce large amounts of waste. Typically it's divided into three separate piles, with each pile closer to the decomposition stage. The first bin holds kitchen scraps and allows the scraps to decompose for two to three weeks. Transfer the scraps into the second bins to speed up the process by adding organic matter and earthworms to the mixture. By the time it's transferred into the last bin, it's high in nutrients and ready to use as fertilizer for your garden.

Tumbler Bin

A tumbler bin is a self-contained barrel or drum that rotates to mix the compost and to speed up the decomposition process. Slightly more expensive than other systems, they can be used in small spaces or on apartment decks or patios. They are also highly resistant to animals.

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