How to Protect Persian Violet

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Persian Violet is an annual flower that also goes by the names German Violet and Exacum affine. It grows up to 12 inches tall in light shade. The plant blooms repeatedly throughout the year in colors that range from blue-violet and lavender to white. The flowers are small, measuring about 1/2 inch, and are star-shaped with deep yellow stamens. They are very showy.

Step 1

Keep the soil consistently moist so that the plant doesn't dry out and die. Touch it daily and add water if it feels dry.

Step 2

Deadhead the plant to keep it blooming longer. Remove any blooms that have died. This will encourage new growth.

Step 3

Protect Persian Violet from direct sun. Keep it in a cooler spot or it will wilt. It doesn't do well in heat, especially dry heat.

Step 4

Plant Persian Violet in a protected space outdoors during warmer weather. It will not survive freezing temperatures, so you should move it inside during the winter.

Step 5

Apply a water soluble fertilizer every two weeks or a controlled, slow-release formula once during the growing season. Follow manufacturer's instructions. Let the plant rest during the winter months.

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