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The yellow hibiscus (also known as the pua aloalo) is the official state flower of Hawaii. The hibiscus originated in Asia and the Pacific islands. In addition to Hawaii's state flower, each island has its own official flower.


Oahu's flower is the yellow ilima, often used in leis. Ilima flowers look like a small hibiscus.

Big Island

The Big Island's flower is the red ohia. In Hawaiian legend, the ohia represents Pele, the volcano goddess.


The flower of Lanai is the yellow or orange kaunaoa, or air plant. Islanders twist this vine to create leis.


Sweet-scented pink lokelani, a pink cottage rose, is the flower of Maui. It was brought to the island in the 1880s and is the only official Hawaiian flower that is not a native species.


Molokai's official flower is the white kukui blossom. These tiny, white flowers are another popular choice for leis.

Fun Facts

Kauai's flower is a berry called the mokihana, which is green and smells of anise. The "flower" of Niihau is the white pupu shell, found on the rocky island's shoreline. Even uninhabited Kahoolaw has its own official flower, the hinahina, which is used in lei making.


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