Starting an Indoor Garden


If you think that enjoying plants means only having an outdoor garden, then think again. With a little time, preparation and maintenance, it's possible to bring the outdoors in and enjoy a variety of plants in an indoor garden. Better yet, you're less likely to break a sweat when tending to this garden, but the rewards are just as great.

Starting an Indoor Garden

Step 1

Evaluate your environment. Consider how much space you have for an indoor garden. Take into account both the current size and mature size of any plants you might purchase. The jade plant, for example, is an ideal plant to grow indoors but needs plenty of space because it grows large quickly. Note how much natural light flows into your home because this is a must-have for a successful indoor garden. Be prepared to increase the humidity in your home if it is particularly dry. An indoor garden can easily get this extra moisture through an ordinary humidifier.

Step 2

Select your plants. Choose from a variety of blooming or non-blooming plants. Options range from the simple the spider plant to the more exotic palm plants. For a list of plants that are easy to grow indoors, visit, the Master Gardeners of Frederick County. Consider how much time you have for your plants because some will require more frequent watering and maintenance than others. The barrel cactus and corn plant can go up to about three weeks without water. Try ivy plants in your indoor garden because they require low light and very little water.

Step 3

Gather your supplies. Heed off water damage and protect surfaces by placing drop cloths or plastic trays under containers. Buy a good-quality potting soil and add a water-soluble fertilizer every few weeks to help your plant get all the nutrients it needs. Choose containers that will properly house a plant and that will allow for proper drainage. Water plants with distilled water rather than tap water because tap water can drastically alter a plant's pH. Follow the list of dos and don'ts found at to get your indoor garden growing successfully.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant containers
  • Soil
  • Fertlizer
  • Distilled water


  • Easy-to-Grow Indoor Plants
  • Gardening Do's and Dont's
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