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Displaying seasonal plants, flowers and decorations in window boxes gives your home an inviting sense of style. These miniature gardens, filled to overflowing with trailing plants and brightly colored blooms, are a natural for summer decorating, but don't stop there. Just because summer ends, it's no reason to let your window boxes sit empty until spring arrives. Incorporate the decor of changing seasons to brighten your home throughout the year.

Step 1

Decorate window boxes for summer by planting trailing plants in the boxes. Include delicate flowers to contrast with large, bold blooms. Add ribbons, miniature birdhouses or tiny bird feeders, available at craft stores, to create interest and add visual appeal.

Step 2

Gather an assortment of weatherproof decorations that reflect each current season to decorate window boxes at the end of summer. Autumn items like pumpkins, scarecrows and brightly colored leaves help make a delightful display of color in window boxes. A black cat perched in the window box welcomes Halloween. Cornucopias, gourds and squashes or tiny pilgrims set the stage for Thanksgiving. Miniature evergreens, pine boughs and brightly colored Christmas garlands wrapped up with a red bow bring Christmas cheer.

Step 3

Remove the soil from the window box and fill with straw or hay for fall displays, and fill with evergreens for a traditional winter scene. Soil in window boxes freezes when temperatures drop, making it impossible to use the inside of the box to secure ornaments or seasonal displays. Removing the soil allows you to change the scene even when it freezes outside.

Step 4

Arrange items in an attractive display, and try to fill the box the way the flowers did in the summer. Secure everything with wire or ribbon if blowing winds are a problem in your area. Wrap the window box with burlap and tack the edges inside for fall displays. Consider decorating the outside of the box with ribbon or foil to create the illusion of a gift box for the winter holidays.

Step 5

Drape garland along the edges of the box to extend the line of your display. Bright fall foliage, evergreens or tinsel garland add interest to window boxes.

Things You'll Need

  • Seasonal plants
  • Potting soil
  • Seasonal decorations


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