How to Prune Climbing Roses Before Winter


Climbing roses must be pruned back after each growing season so they can be managed, and produce more blooms for the following season. The canes must be trimmed back in mid to late winter when they are dormant, and it is important to understand how to trim them properly.

Step 1

Put on gloves so you won't get pricked by the rose thorns. With sharp pruning scissors, prune off all the leaves from the canes. This is because fungal spores live on the leaves.

Step 2

Locate any canes or branches that are dead, diseased or broken, and cut them off at a right angle to the trunk. Also remove branches that have grown into a web, overlying others or are growing at awkward angles.

Step 3

Locate the four to five strongest main trunks, or canes, that have side buds of numerous branches growing from their sides. These are the foliage to keep.

Step 4

Make sure these main canes are tied to the trellis, fence or wall, using material that stretches, like plant ties or pantyhose.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning scissors and shears
  • Gloves
  • Pantyhose or plant ties


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