Candytuft Fast Facts


Candytuft is a wildflower that can grow in most of the United States. In warmer areas, it is a perennial, a flower that grows for many years. In colder areas, it is an annual, lasting just one year, after which it must be re-seeded.


Candytuft can grow to a height of about 1 ½ feet. The flowers are small, grow in clusters and are white tinged with pink or purple, and the leaves are evergreen.


Candytuft likes a soil that drains quickly. It also needs full sun--at least six hours a day of sunshine. Candytuft is hardy in zones 3 to 9, all but the coldest and hottest zones.


Water regularly in the summer, but not to the point where the soil becomes soaked. Give it a good mulching over the winter. After blooming, cut it back to about a third of its height to encourage new growth.


Plant Candytuft in a garden or in containers. It is also a good choice for a butterfly garden. The white flowers make the colored flowers of other plants stand out.


Crown rot and club root are the two diseases most prevalent with Candytuft. They are both the result of poorly drained soils.


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