How Do Blackberries Grow?


The blackberry is an edible fruit that is native to North and South America. The berries grow on bushes that have briars amidst the plump, juicy berries. Blackberry can be found growing wild in the woods, along roadsides and hillsides and they grow much better in warmer climates. They resemble a mass of vines that are low to the ground. The flowers are small and light pink and usually bloom in late spring, this means frost rarely damages the fruit.

How They Grow

Blackberry plants are perennial plants. This means that they come back year after year, bloom in the late spring and die out and remain dormant in the wintertime. The blackberry is an edible fruit that is native to North and South America. They require a soil that is well drained and in full sun. The best soil that encourages the growth of blackberries has a pH of 6.0 to 6.5. Blackberries are not actually a berry; instead it is an aggregate fruit, which means there are many different nodules on one fruit.

Growing Blackberries at Home

Blackberries frequently attach themselves to fences, rails and other mediums when they are growing. A trellis can be placed near the blackberries and the plants can be woven in and out of the trellis. Blackberries that are allowed to grow onto a surface are much easier to harvest because the tops of the plants are more stable than at the bottom. A trellis gives the berries a surface to lean on.

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