Cockscomb Fast Facts


The cockscomb (Celosia cristata) gets its name from the flower's resemblance to the comb of a rooster. These colorful annuals bloom from late summer through late fall.


Cockscomb blooms come in colors of bright red, orange, yellow and pink. There are three different styles of flower: crested, plume and wheat.


Cockscomb are tropical flowers and thrive in full sun and hot weather.

Dried Flower Use

The flower heads of the cockscomb make good subjects for drying, and can be used as everlastings in arrangements or potpourri.

Edible Plant

Besides being ornamental, the leaves and the flowers of the cockscomb are edible. Cockscomb is often used as a vegetable in India, West Africa and South America.

Flower Meaning

In Victorian times, the celosia was thought to send a message of humor, warmth and silliness.


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