Persimmon Tree Soil Requirements


Persimmon trees are deciduous fruit trees that grow to heights up to 25 feet tall and at least as wide. These trees are sun-loving trees that are hardy, easy to grow, and susceptible to few diseases. Though there is ease in its growing process, the persimmon does have certain soil requirements for vitality.


Persimmon trees can tolerate and adapt to varying soil conditions as long as the soil is not salty.


Persimmon trees prefer well drained loams that are deep within the ground. The tree has a strong tap root that will extend deep into the ground requiring deeper planting holes than other trees.


These trees also prefer a balanced soil acidity that rests in a pH between 6.5 and 7.5.


Persimmon trees require moist soil and proper irrigation. Though the trees can withstand short periods of drought, long periods of drought will cause permanent damage.


The persimmon's deep planting and strong root taps eliminate the need for excessive fertilizing. The tree prefers low levels of nitrogen, as excessive nitrogen can cause fruit drop.


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