How to Store Celery


Celery should be kept in the refrigerator, but it often goes limp within a few days. While you can use celery long after it becomes limp, it is best when it is still fresh and crisp, especially if you're eating it raw. Fortunately, there is a simple storage technique to keep celery fresh longer than just a few days after purchasing or harvesting.

Step 1

Select a fresh bunch of celery, which is essential to longer storage. Bunches should be compact. The stalks should be light green, firm and crisp, not wilting or like rubber. The leaves should be bright green.

Step 2

Cut off the base of the celery and leaves. Throw out any damaged stems. Rinse the stalks in water to get off any dirt and sand.

Step 3

Place the stalks in a plastic bag. There's no need to dry them as they will keep better slightly moist. Put the celery in the vegetable storage bin in your refrigerator. Keep the bag toward the front of the drawer because often, celery freezes near the back of the refrigerator, rendering it limp and watery after thawing. Celery stored in this manner should remain fresh and crisp for about 10 days.

Step 4

Freeze cooked celery in freezer bags. Boil cut celery for about 2 to 3 minutes, drain and cool. You can use frozen celery for soups and as an added ingredient in recipes such as chicken and rice. Use frozen celery within a year.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife
  • Water
  • Plastic bag


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