How to Care for Long Stem Roses


The language of flowers is often subtle, but long-stemmed roses speak loudly and clearly. They are a symbol of true love and devotion, whether presented as a single stem or as a dramatic bouquet. Available in many colors, the finest roses are produced in South America. With proper preparation and care, your roses will retain their signature scent and beauty for up to 10 days.

Step 1

Clear a spot on a large table or kitchen countertop.

Step 2

Open the box carefully and remove the roses from their packaging. Lay the stems on the table or counter.

Step 3

Remove the outer guard petals. Don't panic if your roses look a little limp. After packaging and transport, most roses need some time to rehydrate.

Step 4

Clean and fill a vase with lukewarm water. If your roses came with a packet of food or preservative, add it to the water according to directions. If no packet was included, add a single regular aspirin tablet to the water.

Step 5

Using hand clippers, remove any foliage from the stems that would be covered by the water when the flowers are placed in the vase. Left in place, the foliage will decay and foul the water.

Step 6

Again using the clippers, cut off 1 inch of the stem and put the cut roses into the lukewarm water immediately.

Step 7

After you have placed all the stems in the vase, arrange them carefully. Do not handle the blooms; make adjustments to you rose arrangement by grasping the stems just below the bloom.

Step 8

Clip a half inch of stem from each rose daily. This encourages water uptake and keeps your blooms fresh-looking.

Step 9

Change the water every three days, adding another packet of food or an aspirin to the lukewarm water.

Step 10

Trim faded or damaged petals as needed to keep flowers looking their best.

Things You'll Need

  • Vase
  • Fresh water
  • Hand clippers
  • Food packet or aspirin (optional)


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