How to Build a Birdbath


If you'd like to attract birds to your yard while giving them a place to get a drink and get refreshed, then build a simple birdbath. It's easy to build a birdbath using some basic materials found around the house. Should you decide to construct something requiring more materials (and expense), there's a plan to suit your needs, and your feathered friends will be happy either way.

How to Build a Birdbath

Step 1

Pick a spot. Choose an area of your yard that will give birds easy access to the birdbath. Be mindful of any potential predators such as cats when selecting a location for the birdbath. If you elect to use a pedestal, make sure the surface area of the spot you choose is relatively flat. This will keep the pedestal from easily tipping over.

Step 2

Gather materials. Use a flat container, such as a flower pot tray, baking dish or even a clean, inverted garbage can lid to hold the water. The container should be able to hold a half inch to 2 inches of water. Use rocks or a tree stump as a pedestal, if desired. For more elaborate plans, consider some of the ideas listed at

Step 3

Assemble the parts. Place the flat container directly on the ground or on your pedestal. Put one medium-sized rock in the center of the container to help weigh it down. Fill the container with water and replenish as needed. Be sure, too, to clean the birdbath with mild soap and water on a regular basis.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat container
  • Pedestal (optional)
  • Medium-size rock (for weight)


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