How to Keep Flowers


Flowers add a tremendous amount of beauty to a home. While cut flowers eventually die, there are ways to keep them alive and fresh for much longer. Though some flowers just aren't very hardy and aren't going to last very long, with proper care, many flowers can last as long as two weeks.

Step 1

Approach the flower in the morning when the flower is the most fragrant and filled with food. This food will help keep the flower alive longer.

Step 2

Cut the flower at the stem with a sharp knife, cut off the leaves that will be submerged in cold or lukewarm water and immediately place the flower in water. Putting the flower in water keeps the flower from drying out. Leaves should be cut because they rot and attract harmful bacteria.

Step 3

Add biocides, acidifiers and sugar. These chemicals replace the nutrients that the flower would have had if it were still attached to the rest of the plant and the biocides kill bacteria and yeast that infect cut flowers and make them smell. The bacteria also reduces the life of the flower by clogging the stem.

Step 4

Change the water every other day to get rid of bacteria that accumulates in the water.

Step 5

Keep the flowers in a cool place. Also, keep flowers away from fruit, since fruit releases a gas that speeds up flower deterioration.

Step 6

Place the flower in warm water when the flower starts to droop and then place the flower back in regular water when it perks up again. This measure can revive flowers that are about to die, but it can also kill them.

Step 7

Spray hairspray on the flower. Hairspray acts as a preservative.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not cut the thorns off of a rose as this will reduce the lifespan of the rose. Do not place too many flowers in one vase or they will not have enough room to breathe.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Biocides
  • Acidifiers
  • Sugar
  • Hairspray


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