Cockscomb Facts


Cockscomb is also known as the woolflower. It is an annual, meaning it only lives for one year and produces seeds for the next year's plants. The flowers bloom from midsummer to early autumn.


Cockscomb can grow as tall as 1 1/2 feet. The flowers can be red, yellow, gold, orange, purple or white. It gets its name from the lateral shape of the flowers that look like a rooster's comb.


Plant cockscomb in full sun, which is a minimum of six hours a day. The soil needs to be moist, fertile and well drained.


Plant seedlings about 12 inches apart. Seeds can be started indoors in March or April or sown directly in the garden in May. Seedlings of larger varieties should be planted about 2 feet apart.


Water to keep the soil moist but not too wet. Cut off the dead flowers to allow new flowers to grow.


Cockscomb is used in flowerbeds or as a border plant. It can also be used as a container plant and grows tall enough to be cut for flower arrangements.


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