How to Protect Grapevines in the Winter


Grapevines in the garden are a challenge for some due to the extensive pruning and caning that needs to be done for the grapevine to produce grapes. Additionally, protecting grapevines in the winter is essential to the plant's survival. However, it is well worth the effort of growing grapevines when you see the beautiful grapes you have produced.

Step 1

Remove the canes from the trellis, fence or other structure on which your grapevine is growing. Lay the canes on the ground gently to keep the cane from snapping off.

Step 2

Add piles of hay under any canes that will not lie on the ground completely. This supports the cane so that the weight of it will not break the cane.

Step 3

Continue adding piles of hay around the base of the grapevine and under any upright canes. Use enough hay to insulate under the grapevine to keep the cold air from penetrating to the base of the grapevine.

Step 4

Add a thick layer of hay over the entire top of the grapevine as well. Make sure that the tips of the canes are completely covered. Leave the hay as is until the early spring, and then only remove a small amount of hay from the tips of the vines until you see new growth.

Step 5

Remove all the hay from the grapevine when all danger of frost is over and new growth is seen. Repeat above steps for all grapevines each year.

Things You'll Need

  • Grapevines
  • Hay



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