Long-Stem Roses Tips

Long-stem roses create an elegant and dramatic centerpiece or bouquet for a dinner party or special occasion. Sophisticated and elegant, roses can be used in dried flower arrangements, long after the fresh petals have fallen. Cutting the roses correctly and using fresh water will help to extend the life of this stunning flower.


Drying out your long-stem roses will create a beautiful and long-lasting flower bouquet. To dry a long-stem rose, remove the flower from the vase and lay on a dry cloth to remove all moisture. Let the flower dry for 24 hours. Attach a string to the end of the stem of the rose and hang upside down in a dry, cool space. A pantry or closet is ideal. Once the petals are dry to the touch, the rose is ready to use in dried arrangements or potpourri.


Cutting a long-stem rose the correct way will add days to the life of the rose and bouquet. Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut the end of the stem at a 20-degree angle. Do not twist the end of the stem or use a dull knife, which will result in a damaged stem. Remove the bottom half of the leaves to allow for nourishment to the rest of the plant and to prevent the leaves from dropping into the vase. A week into the bouquet cut another ½ to 1 inch off the bottom of the stem. Again, this will extend the shelf life of the flower. Always use flowers that are matured; young growth on a rose is very fragile and should be left on the plant.


Roses not only require adequate moisture, but they also need warm water to thrive. Fill the vase 5 inches from the top with warm water, around 90 to 100 degrees. Cold water will shock the roses and reduce the life of the flower. Every two to three days pour out the old water and refill with fresh water. Adding preservative to your long-stem roses will also help to create a long-lasting bouquet. When added to water, preservative helps to stabilize the pH level. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of preservative for a bouquet of long-stem roses. The preservative will also help the flowers to stay bright and colorful.

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