How to Rototill a Garden


When you are planting a garden, you will need to loosen the soil and make holes in the ground in order to place the seeds for planting. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using a rototiller. A rototiller has L-shaped blades that turn and make rows for you while you guide the machine. They can be self-propelled by wheels that turn while connected to the engine or ones that are propelled by the movement of the blades pushing forward.

Step 1

Locate the center of your garden area that you are planting. You can measure to find the center or you can eye it and estimate the center. Place stakes down this center line. This will be the gauge that you will use to keep your rows straight. The stakes should go all the way across to the other side. If your garden is very large, you can divide the garden into smaller sections such as thirds or fourths before you begin. It's easier to work with smaller sections than larger ones.

Step 2

Use the rototiller to begin plowing the straight line. You can plow right over the stakes; there is no need to remove them after you have plowed. The rototiller will pull itself because if it is self-propelled. You will just need to guide it. When you reach the end of the first row, you will turn the tiller so that the wheel is in the furrow, or ditch, of the row that you have just plowed. This will keep the hills the same height.

Step 3

Continue plowing each row until you reach the end of the garden. Go back to the center and begin working on the other side. When you are through plowing, you should have straight lines and all of the garden will be in straight rows and ready for planting seed.

Things You'll Need

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