Ideas for Garden Edging

Create a beautiful and inviting garden edge using simple materials such as mulch and stones. Edging the garden space will help define the area while creating texture and beauty to your outdoor garden. Layering mulch around the flowers and plants creates a garden edge that not only looks attractive but helps to retain water for your plants and flowers. Create curves and shapes to your garden edge for a creative outdoor design.


Create a beautiful garden edge using mulch. Mulch comes in a variety of colors and textures to contrast with the existing garden bed. Use a garden hose or pliable piece of material to mark the spot where you want to create the edge. Take a spade and dig along the marked spot, creating a trench. Fill up the trench with the mulch and out into the bed, depending upon how large you want your garden edge. To prevent weeds from creeping through, layer newspaper under the mulch.


Bricks can create a rustic and inviting garden edge and are simple to install. Lay the bricks side by side for a long-lasting garden edge. To create height, stack the bricks on top of each other to create a mini wall. Edging with bricks does not require adhesive; overtime, the bricks will settle into the earth. With bricks you can also create a curved edge to your garden. Follow the natural lines of the garden for a unique edge, which will draw your eye into nature and around the colorful spots in your garden.

Pebble Path

Create an inviting pebble path as a place to meander through the garden, as well as a colorful and contrasting garden edge. Clear the space of weeds and debris. With a rake, level the space out before installing the pebbles. Available in a variety of colors, pebble stones will harmonize with your garden and are soft on bare feet. Lay down 2 to 3 inches of pebbles and gently tread over the stones to help secure the path. With a pebble path you can create any shaped garden edge.

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