The Best Flowers to Plant in the Shade

The Best Flowers to Plant in the Shade image by Photos by Linda Batey

Every gardener has that one spot that doesn't get direct sun. It can be confounding to find the right plants that will catch the eye and thrive in a low-light area, but with some research and knowledge, rest assured you can fill that spot and make it look lovely. You can also use potted plants and set them on an old chair, which will bring color to the area.

Shade-Loving Perennials

Plants that do well in shade would get direct sunlight less than 75 percent of the time. Those plants that do well in deep shade would be surrounded completely by trees and would get virtually no direct sunlight. There are plants that not only survive, but thrive in shady areas. Here are examples of perennials that thrive in shade and need little care: Astilbe (These offer spiky summer blooms in pastel shades.) Ferns (There are varieties of ferns that vary in size and are all shades of green.) Hosta (Check the label. Some hostas like sun. Hostas have a lavender-colored bloom above the plant.) Lily of the Valley (These do very well with no care and now include pink.) Helleborus (Many colors are available.)

Shade-Loving Annuals

Add annuals to bring color to a shade garden. Plant the annuals in front of or intermixed among perennials and shade-tolerant shrubs. Amend the soil so that it is loose and compost rich. Annuals that grow in the shade typically need less watering and care, although you should fertilize once a month with a bloom-booster fertilizer. These annuals do well in full shade: Impatients (Almost every color of the rainbow are available.) New Guinea impatients Wax begonia Coleus (Unique-colored leaves and texture.) Browallia Polka dot plant (Low-growing plant that fills in empty spots.) Caladium Forget-me-not (These are actually biennials and will seed themselves for next year.)

Shade-Loving Shrubs

Shrubs can be a great way to create a no-care shade garden. You can keep them pruned back so that size doesn't become an issue. Shrubs can be costly but are a good investment because they are so dependable. Shade-loving shrubs include: Japanese maple Holly (Plant two or more if you want berries.) Ninebark Diablo Rhododendron. (Several colors are available.)

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