How to Wrap Flowers

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Making floral arrangements is an enjoyable hobby, especially when you behold the finished result that will add beauty to your home. Fresh flowers from the garden are often a gardener's first choice for flower arrangements. Sometimes fresh flowers need longer floral stems or they need additional support to prevent wilting, however. Cut fresh flowers from your garden for your arrangement and wrap some of the fresh flowers to create a beautiful fresh flower arrangement.

Lengthen Floral Stems

Step 1

Lengthen floral stems with wire by cutting a length of florist wire to the desired stem length. Place the wire along the existing floral stem so that the top end of the wire rests just under the flower blossom.

Step 2

Wrap the floral tape around the floral stem and floral wire, starting just under the blossom. Wrap tightly, angling the floral tape downward until you have wrapped the entire stem and wire with tape.

Step 3

Cut any excess floral tape and press it against the other layers of tape to adhere it to the floral wire.

Strengthen Floral Stems

Step 1

Create a stronger flower stem to support a large or heavy blossom by cutting the natural stem from under the large blossom so that only 1 inch remains.

Step 2

Cut a 20-inch length of florist wire and insert it into the underside of the flower blossom. Push the wire through to the halfway point so that 10 inches of wire extends out from each side of the blossom. Bend the ends of the florist wire down so they extend down from the bottom of the blossom together as a stem.

Step 3

Position the end of the florist tape at the underside of the blossom and begin to wrap the tape around the bottom of the blossom. Wrap tightly, moving down toward the florist wires as you wrap. When you reach the wires, pull the tape even tighter so that the tape covers the wires snugly and continue to wrap the florist tape down the entire length of the wires.

Step 4

Cut the florist tape at the bottom of the wires and press the end of the florist tape against the other layers of tape to adhere it. The pressure will secure the end of the tape.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh flowers
  • Florist shears
  • Florist wire
  • Florist tape
  • Scissors


  • How to Wrap Fresh Flowers
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