Meaning of a Red Rose


Red roses have been the most common gift flower given in recent years. But many don't realize they send different messages when they send a rose bud as opposed to a full bloom? Knowing what the many meanings are behind giving a red rose can help you decide if it will convey what you want or if another flower is the proper choice.


One rose will signify simplicity. Two roses together will signify a commitment or engagement. A full bouquet of roses (in any color), in bloom, will show gratitude.


When you give a hybrid tea rose or a long stem rose, it will say "I will remember you always." Sweetheart roses will convey the knowledge that the giver and the recipient are sweethearts. Roses without thorns show the recipient "love at first sight."

Red roses in combination

A red rose and a white rose together symbolize unity. A yellow rose and red rose together symbolize happiness.

Buds, Blooms and Leaves

The leaves of a rose specifically will show hope. Rose buds show youth and innocence; red rosebuds say "pure and lovely." Full rose blooms show "I love you."


Red flowers will show passion and eroticism, while deep dark reds will convey "beauty and love." Red is shown to be a metaphor of deep emotions.


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