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Chrysanthemums are perennial flowers that bloom on tall slim stems in the very late summer and fall. The flowers come in many varietals, petal shapes and colors. Chrysanthemums were originally cultivated in China, where the flowers were used as a medicinal herb and thought to bring life and vitality. Chrysanthemums are the official flowers of many cities around the globe and hold varying meanings among cultures signifying life in Asian cultures, celebration in the Americas and death in European cultures.

Step 1

Present chrysanthemums as a sign of royalty, nobility and honor in Japan. Also give or display chrysanthemums to celebrate the national holiday event called the Festival of Happiness, which is in honor of the chrysanthemum.

Step 2

Select chrysanthemums to use as a casual celebratory and decorating flowers in the United States. Use them as corsages, hostess and housewarming gifts and as table decorations in any joyful context. Chrysanthemums represent the birth month of November and are the wedding anniversary flowers for the 13th year.

Step 3

Send chrysanthemums as condolence or funeral flowers in Europe because they are widely thought of as representing death and grief. This is particularly true in Belgium and Austria, where the mum is rarely used for anything other than funeral flower arrangements or flowers for visiting a graveside.

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  • Potted or cut Chrysanthemums of choice


  • National Chrysanthemum Society
  • Teleflora Flower Meanings
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