How to Make an Interior Wall Fountain


Making an interior wall fountain is a simple project that you can complete with minimum building experience and a few supplies from your local home improvement store. Have the marine plywood cut to size at the time of purchase and you can eliminate one step from the process. This design calls for copper ceiling tiles, but you can cover the marine plywood with mosaic tiles or simply paint a design directly onto the wood if you like.

Step 1

Establish the dimensions of your wall fountain based on the height and width of the wall space available and on the fountain design. Copper ceiling tiles are typically 2-by-2 foot squares; consider sizing the wall fountain in 2-foot increments so you will not need to cut the tiles to fit the wood.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the marine plywood where you'd like the fountain spout to be. The spout in this design is simply tubing that runs from the fountain pump to the hole so that water can flow. Your spout hole should be in the center of the wall fountain, no lower than half the height of the plywood.

Step 3

Cover one side of the plywood with ceiling tiles. Use waterproof adhesive to set the tiles in place. Drill a hole through the tin to match the spout hole.

Step 4

Cut two strips of 2-by-2 inch wood to fit the length of your marine plywood. Attach them to the back of the plywood, 2 to 6 inches from each side. Attach the wall brackets to the wood strips and to the wall. Make sure to attach the wall brackets to a wall stud.

Step 5

Attach the plastic tubing to the opening of your wall fountain with waterproof adhesive. You can also use plumber's putty or duct tape to secure the tubing in place. Let the tubing hang beneath the plywood and mount the plywood on the wall.

Step 6

Seal any drainage holes in your planter with plumber's putty. The planter should be at least as wide as your fountain wall and at least 16 inches deep. Let the putty dry.

Step 7

Place the fountain pump inside the planter and run the electrical cord over the side. Attach the plastic tubing to the fountain pump. Fill in around the pump with river rock or other decorative stones. Make sure that the planter is situated beneath the fountain spout. Fill the planter with water. Turn on the pump and adjust the flow or move the planter as necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Marine plywood
  • Copper ceiling tiles
  • Waterproof adhesive
  • Drill and 1-inch hole bit
  • 2-by-2 inch lumber
  • Screwdriver and decking screws
  • Wall brackets
  • Tubing
  • Planter
  • Plumber's putty
  • Fountain pump
  • River rock


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