How to Lay Grass Sod

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Every homeowner wants their lawn to look good, and sometimes this is accomplished by laying down new grass sod. Though you can hire a company to do it for you, if you don't mind getting dirty, you can do the job yourself. As long as you can cut and follow a basic pattern, you should have your new sod laid in no time at all.

Step 1

Remove any grass or weeds that are growing in the area where the new sod is to be laid. If using an herbicide, be sure to spray the area at least two weeks prior to laying down the new sod. It will then be washed away and will not harm the new grass.

Step 2

Clean the area by raking up any dead grass, weeds, sticks, rocks, stones and other debris that will impede the sod in making full contact with the soil. The root system of the sod needs to make full contact with the soil to root properly.

Step 3

Water the cleaned, bare soil before you begin to lay the sod down. It is best to lay the fresh sod on an area that is already moistened with water.

Step 4

Spray paint around any flower bed, garden area, tree trunks or other items in the yard that are to remain free of sod. This will give you a mark to work by and let you know where the cuts to the sod will need to be made.

Step 5

Start at a far corner of the area and being laying the sod in a straight line. Kick each sod piece with your foot to make sure it fits snugly up against the piece lying next to it. You don't want gaps between the pieces of sod.

Step 6

Continue laying the sod, working in a straight line until you have filled in the entire area. Using your spray painted marks, cut your sod to shape and remove it from areas where it is not supposed to be.

Step 7

Water your freshly laid sod immediately after you are finished. Continue watering the sod every other day for the first two weeks. Once the sod begins to take root, you can cut back to approximately three times per week depending on the weather.

Step 8

Fertilize the sod after one month. This will give the grass time to establish itself and will also give it a boost for growing.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Rake
  • Spray paint
  • Knife
  • Fertilizer


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