Care for Potted Gerber Daisies


Unlike the hardy Shasta daisies, Gerbera is a tender annual plant. Although they only last a season, the bright and cheerful Gerber daisy flowers are worth the attention; with up to 6 weeks of blooming time, they make a nice centerpiece or tabletop plant.

Caring for Potted Gerbera Daisies

Step 1

Water frequently while they're flowering. This is when they require the most water. Gerbers are generally purchased with flowers, and can flower for several weeks at a time as long as they're cared for properly. When they're not flowering they require less water.

Step 2

Snip off dead flower heads to encourage new growth. Use sharp scissors and snip the stalk just under the foliage line.

Step 3

Fertilize every 2 weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer that's high in phosphorous. The center number on the fertilizer's formula should be the highest. Schultz Bloom Plus, for example, is a 10-54-10 formula. The numbers mean that the blend is 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorous and 10% potassium. The remaining percentage is other ingredients.

Step 4

Keep them in a sunny area that stays between 45 and 70 degrees. When they get too warm, they end up wilting and won't flower. If it's too cold, they die.

Step 5

Avoid using cleaning or leaf-shining products because there's a small, fuzzy layer on the leaves that protects them from damage.


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