How to Grow Mountain Oat Grass


Mountain oat grass grows in the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. It requires full sun and well-drained soil. This perennial bunchgrass contains stems ranging from 12 to 32 inches high, with leaves clustering near the base ranging from 8 to 10 inches long. Mountain oat grass is found growing in forest openings, open woods and mountain meadows and is a vital pasture grass in the Appalachian highlands.

Step 1

Store mountain grass seeds in a cool and dry area before planting.

Step 2

Create a firm seedbed by raking the soil to a fine consistency, making sure there are no large stones or rocks. Tread gently to firm the soil.

Step 3

Plant the seeds in the spring and in well-drained and moist soil using a no till drill. Use the drill to dig down a half inch into the ground, spaced 4 to 6 inches apart. Place five to 10 seeds into each hole.

Step 4

Water the soil daily for the first week for proper establishment. Using a hose, water for about five minutes per hole.

Step 5

Apply lime and fertilizer to ensure a strong crop. Young mountain oat grass plants have a rapid growth rate and can produce flowers within the first year of planting.

Things You'll Need

  • Mountain oat grass seedlings
  • No till drill
  • Rake
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Lime
  • Fertilizer


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  • U.S. Forest Service
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