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If you are a gardener, planter, fisherman or aquatic wildlife lover, chances are you have heard of a koi pond, or koi garden. These beautiful ponds are extremely common all over the world and can be very pleasurable to build and maintain, bringing happiness with their beauty and peace. Before you begin to build a koi pond, or just to learn more about them, there are several things to learn and remember, including the building, care and plant life of a good koi pond.


Koi are a breed of fish, related closely to the carp family. In shape, they resemble gold fish, and come in a variety of lengths, girths and especially colors. A koi pond is a decorative constructed pond to house koi fish in a beautiful and healthy way. Koi ponds are generally a part of a larger garden, but this does not have to be the case.


There are several suggestions for building a koi pond to ensure the happiness and health of your fish, as well as looking beautiful. Begin with the koi preferences in mind. Koi like deep and cool water, with several overhangs where they can hide from potential predators and find shade. If you are worried about never seeing your koi, fear not. Food and training can bring your koi to the surface at feeding time, as well as when people are present.


Certain types of plants are recommended when building and planning a koi pond for maximum beauty and health of the pond and the koi. Oxygenators, deep water aquatics, marginal and floating plants are all good choices. Oxygenators are plants found below the water's surface that provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the water. Deep water aquatics (such as beautiful lillies) reach from the pond bottom to the water's surface and compete with algae to help keep the water clean. Marginal plants, such as reeds and irises, contribute to both the beauty and the wildlife control of the pond. And finally, floating plants are not known to provide any major benefits other than aesthetic.


Aside from the beauty of a koi pond, it is important to be aware of the care that goes into one. The health of your koi is the most important thing when designing a koi pond, so make sure to think of them in the building process. Proper food, shade, shelter, and depth need to be considered when planning a pond. Installing and maintaining the filter, pump and electrical aspects of your koi pond properly will help keep your koi safe and healthy by keeping away harmful toxins from acid rain or algae.

Insight From Experts

Talk with an expert in fish care who can help you plan and build the optimum koi pond that is also a beautiful addition to your flower garden. Discussing topics like the ones mentioned above, along with feed types and frequency, breeding habits and tips for assisting hibernation, can help keep your koi and your pond beautiful and healthy for as long as you want to keep it.

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