Benefit of a Greenhouse


Greenhouses benefit the home gardener by providing a safe haven for plants--allowing for experimentation, limiting exposure to pests and extending the growing season.


The first recorded use of a greenhouse was in ancient Rome. Emperor Tiberius requested one built around 30 A.D. so he could have cucumbers out of season.


Greenhouses are not subject to the constraints of weather. You can control the temperature, humidity and air flow, giving your plants optimal growing conditions.

Time Frame

Using a greenhouse will provide you with healthy plants outside of typical growing seasons. Plants can be started early or kept in a greenhouse longer.


Greenhouse usage has the potential to decrease the risks of pests and disease. Individual plants are more closely monitored, alleviating many problems.


Greenhouses require more intense labor than an outdoor garden. You control the growing conditions, which takes more time, effort and equipment.


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