How to Winterize English Ivy


English ivy is a popular ground cover that can also climb walls and fences. It is a hardy vine and it is easy to grow and maintain. It requires minimum preparation for winter because it is an evergreen.

Step 1

Fertilize with a time-release fertilizer in September. This application will allow the plants to remain vigorous when the first hard frost occurs in late fall.

Step 2

Water the plant bed thoroughly if the fall has been extremely dry. The cold soil and harsh winds of winter do not allow the plant to replace moisture quickly; watering will help prepare it.

Step 3

Prune any dead growth. Also prune the ivy bed to maintain its shape.

Step 4

Remove any fallen leaves and other debris from the ivy bed. Since English ivy is very dense, you will need to use a leaf blower for this task. A rake will get caught in the vines and tear off leaves. It could also rip up the vine.

Things You'll Need

  • Time-release fertilizer
  • Hand pruning shears
  • Leaf blower


  • University of Florida IFAS Extension
  • Backyard Gardener
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