Musk Mallow Fast Facts


Musk mallow is a perennial plant. Native to Europe, it made its way to America as an ornamental plant. It has become a common roadside and field flower.


Varieties of musk mallow include: Malva sylvestris, used in salads and a medicinal herb; Malva moschata, used in wildflower gardens; and Malva alcea fastigiata, used in butterfly gardens.


Scatter seeds over the soil and cover lightly using a rake. Musk Mallow will germinate in one to three weeks. Blooms appear from early to late summer.


Musk mallow needs well-drained soil, full sun and regular fertilizing. Cut plants back by a third after they have finished blooming.


Musk mallow grows to 3 1/2 feet tall. The pink five-petaled flowers grow in clusters at the end of each stem


Since the Roman Empire, people have used musk mallow roots to relieve inflammation and its leaves as treatments for coughs and colds.


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