Red Wiggler Worm Facts


Red worms, also known as red wigglers, are used in vermiculture. Vermiculture is the use of worms in composting. Red worms are one of 4,000 species of earthworms and are the most common species used in vermiculture.


You can use six species of worms for vermicomposting. Eisenia fetida is the scientific name for the red worm wigglers commonly used in vermiculture.


Red wigglers ingest compost materials, such as kitchen waste. After they digest the waste, the worms leave behind nutrient-rich casings that are used to fertilize gardens and potted plants.


Worms have muscular mouths but no teeth; they pull their food into their mouth. They move using tiny bristles along their body and take in oxygen from the surrounding air directly through their skin.


Carefully maintain worm farms. Red worm wigglers are extremely sensitive to moisture and temperature.


Worms do not reproduce by splitting in half. They are hermaphrodites that carry both sperm and egg. Cutting an earthworm in half will kill it.


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