Fencing to Keep Unwanted Animals Out of Your Garden

Fencing to Keep Unwanted Animals Out of Your Garden - Pest Control

By Josie Borlongan, Garden Guides Contributor
To keep animals out of the garden, use fencing. Animal fencing is a sure way to keep animals, big or small, domesticated or wild, from causing costly damages. From traditional wood fencing to electric fencing, there are several choices available in the market.

Prevention and Control

Choosing the right animal fencing for your garden can be challenging. Here are several methods to choose from and what animals they are best used for:

Traditional Fencing methods
* Post fencing: Most common type of traditional fencing; it is hard to repair and can be expensive. It is not as effective in deterring bigger animals as barbed-wire or electric fencing. Post fencing is meant to be permanent. Tall post fences, at least 8 to 10 feet high, can deter animals such as a deer effectively. Check your local ordinances for fencing codes before installing them.

* Barbed Wire: Another traditional type of fencing, barbed wire only lasts 7 to 12 years and must be maintain constantly. Barbed wires can cause injury not only to the wild animals but to livestock or domestic animals as well. The barbed wires are effective against wild boars, opossums, porcupines, deer and raccoons.

* Netting: This type of traditional fencing is very effective with smaller animals such as rabbits, cats, armadillos and squirrels. However, even pets and livestock can be entangled in the mesh and be injured.

Electric Fencing
* Electric String: Is easily breakable, which is why it only can offer minimal physical protection. Electric string can short-circuit easily, so the distribution of electricity will not be even, making it less effective.

* Electric Cord: Compared to electric strings, electric cord is much stronger and resists up to two tons of pressure.

Affected Plants

Unwanted animals can damage a wide variety of plants in the garden or on the farm,from fruits and veggies, to ornamental flowers or trees. They also can be harmful to livestock.


Damage caused by animals to the garden crops and livestock which can be very costly.

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