List of Perennial Plants

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Perennial plants are plants that live more than two years and will grow during the summer months, but will die out and lay dormant in the winter before they regrow in the spring. These plants will return from their roots instead of reseeding like annuals do. Some perennials will only live a few years while others can live as long as thousands of years.


Chrysanthemums are frequently referred to as mum and come in a wide variety of colors. Mums bloom in early fall and lie dormant in the summer months. The plants are native to Europe and Southeast Asia. Yellow and white chrysanthemums are frequently dried and made into a tea, and also are ground to make an excellent fertilizer.


Larkspur flowers range from white to a brilliant purple and have complex flowers. The flowers bloom in a vertical fashion with many flowers on each stem. Larkspurs are frequently used in cut-flower displays because of the densely packed flowers. Flower seed should be planted in the early spring and the plant does not like to be transplanted. Soil conditions for the larkspur should remain moist and the flowers should be cut down after blooming has ended and the flowers become dormant.


The dahlia produces a large flower with many petals and is native to Mexico, Columbia and Central America. In the past, many cultures have used dahlias for food as well as for decoration. Dahlias are susceptible to pest and disease and must be treated for this and fertilized frequently in order for the plant to remain healthy.

Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart is a perennial that loves lots of shade and can reach up to 2 to 3 feet in height. Bleeding heart flowers are either a shade of pink or white, and bloom late in the spring or early summer. Once the flowers begin to die back you should water them heavily to ensure that the flowers will come back the next year.


The strawberry plant is an easy growing plant that is very popular and produces a beautiful fruit year after year. Strawberries produce fruit in the summer for approximately three weeks. The plants become dormant in the early fall and will resurface again in early spring. Strawberries like bright sunny places that are protected from wind, and their bright-red color makes them a favorite for birds.

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