How to Start Palm Tree Seeds

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If you have patience and don't require a full-grown tree overnight, try growing your own palm tree from seed. It's probably easier than you think and you don't have to be an expert gardener to get results. By planting your own palm tree seeds, you will save money and have pride in knowing that a full-grown palm tree was grown from its beginning by you.

Step 1

Clean the soft fruit that surrounds the seed. This will help the seeds to germinate better, and the fruit contains inhibitors that may prevent germination.

Step 2

Fill a bucket or plastic container with water. Place your seeds in the bucket and allow them to soak for several days before placing in the potting medium or soil. This will give the seeds a head start on germination.

Step 3

Clear the planting area of grasses or weeds if seeds are going to sowed directly into the garden soil. Place the seeds approximately 2 inches deep and cover. Depending on how many palms you are trying to start, space your seeds so there will be approximately 1 foot distance between each. If necessary for space reasons, you can transplant them once they've started growing.

Step 4

Planting in a container. Fill the container with a potting mix that drains well and also contains organic matter. A potting mix that contains peat and perlite will work best.

Step 5

Place your seeds 2 inches deep in the potting medium. Cover the seeds with the soil.

Step 6

Water the container or area in the garden containing the seeds, keeping the area moist but not flooded. Keep the growing area moist while the seeds are trying to sprout. Depending on the variety, it may take several months for signs of sprouting.

Things You'll Need

  • Palm tree seeds
  • Bucket
  • Large planting container
  • Planting mix


  • Tips on Starting and Growing Palm Tree Seeds
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