How to Spray Peach Trees



Peach trees are highly susceptible to disease and insect infestations, so spraying is extremely important. Many fruit trees die from pests that could have actually been controlled had there been a spraying schedule. For instance, scale and peach tree borers can cause severe damage if special sprays are not applied. Growers can cut down on or even eliminate the danger by adhering to strict standards.

Step 1

Know that without regular spraying, peach trees will be short lived. A regular spraying during the winter, also known as dormant spraying, will tackle insects and plant disease.

Step 2

Buy a dormant spray, or Lime-Sulfur spray, from a local garden store or nursery. The spray smothers wintering fungus and spores, and is one of the best organic defenses against disease.

Step 3

Apply the spray while the peach trees are dormant, before spring buds surface and green tissue shows, because the solution can damage needles and leaves on shrubs and trees.

Step 4

Cover nearby plants such as perennials and evergreens with a tarp. This will keep them from getting damaged.

Step 5

Make sure to spray on a clear day when the temperature is above freezing, and there is no wind.

Step 6

Wear goggles and protective clothing. Read the instructions on the bottle to find out the required measurements of water and solution. Add the correct amount of water, and secure the lid. Shake the bottle and pump the nozzle to get the solution mixed.

Step 7

Start applying at the top and middle of the peach tree, working your way down and out along the branches. Pump the bottle periodically so the air pressure strengthens the spray.

Step 8

Apply enough so that the branches are dripping with solution. Lastly, spray the trunk.

Step 9

Wait three weeks, and then apply a second coat of spray.

Things You'll Need

  • Dormant spray
  • Tarp
  • Goggles
  • Protective clothing
  • Water


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