Facts on Duckweed


Duckweed is an aquatic plant that floats stemless over stagnant or slow-moving water. It grows in small clusters of leaves measuring one-half to one inch in diameter and has been described as green carpet over the surface of water.


Duckweed can grow in both low and high levels but is better suited for low or indirect sunlight. Minimal light will help control the quick growth of the plant.


Duckweed lives in an aquatic environment with no soil. It floats above stagnant or slow water.


Duckweed needs temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Indoor aquariums provide the best temperatures for the plant.


Though duckweed plants are small, they are extremely fast-growing and must be controlled regularly. If allowed to grow freely, duckweed will cover the surface of the water, depleting the fish under it of all oxygen and sunlight.


Duckweed helps purify aquarium water and acts as a food for fish. Goldfish especially love to feed on duckweed.The plant must be thinned regularly.


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