How to Grow Hybrid Tea Roses


Many gardeners love hybrid tea roses for their beautiful blooms and hardy (disease-resistant) nature. You should plant them as you would other kinds of roses, taking the same precautions---for example, wait until spring, when the danger of a hard freeze has passed. Most roses can handle some frost, but new plants are more susceptible to problems related to cold weather. Hybrid teas, like all roses, love the sun. Consider planting the roses in the southeastern area of your garden, where it will benefit from morning and afternoon sun.

Step 1

Plant hybrid teas in sunny locations and in well-drained soil, to which aged (composted) manure has been added. Wear thick garden gloves when handling these plants, unless you are planting a variety without thorns, or it won't be a pleasant experience.

Step 2

Use a shovel to dig a hole at least 2 feet deep, and create a mound of dirt in the center (unless you are planting a potted rose). Place the rose on the mound, and then fill in the area around the rose. Keep the graft area (you'll see it close to the top of the root ball) slightly above the soil, if you live in a warm climate. In colder climates, make certain the graft is covered by 2 to 3 inches of soil.

Step 3

Give the tea roses a deep watering immediately after planting. Keep the soil moist until they've become established. Like all roses, they do not like to get too dry. Deep watering helps the roots grow deeper into the soil, creating a stronger plant. During the growing season, watering once or twice a week is often sufficient. You may need to water more or less frequently, depending on how hot it gets and whether your area gets any rainfall.

Step 4

Fertilize the roses in the spring and summer months. According to the Iowa State University Extension, you should fertilize hybrid tea roses in early spring, after you've pruned away dead canes and stems, a second time once the roses start to bloom, and a third time in July, or at least a month and a half before weather begins to cool.

Step 5

Remove old blooms frequently during the blooming season to promote new flowers. The plant will not suffer if you neglect to remove old blooms, but roses will usually reward you if you do.

Step 6

Winterize hybrid tea roses as soon as temperatures begin to drop, in late summer or early autumn. The University of Rhode Island Landscape Horticulture Program suggests the following: cut canes back to about 30 inches and tie them together. Mulch well with soil and/or other organic matter at least 1 foot high and 1 foot wide around the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Composted manure
  • Shovel
  • Garden gloves
  • Garden hose
  • Rose fertilizer
  • Organic mulch


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