How to Get Kalanchoe Blooms


Lots of people like kalanchoes, and for good reason. Like most other succulents, kalanchoes have plump, dark green leaves that contrast beautifully with the bright colored blooms. Although kalanchoe blooms last for a long time, they're often considered to be one-time bloomers. Convincing the kalanchoe otherwise could pose a challenge, but the reward comes when it blooms a second or third time around.

Step 1

Trim the dead blossoms when the kalanchoe is finished blooming, and then put the kalanchoe near a window that gets very little light, and leave it for about a month. The plant will require minimal water during this time, and the soil should be kept just barely damp.

Step 2

Feed the kalanchoe after the down time has passed. Use a water-soluble fertilizer formulated for blooming plants and follow the directions on the label.

Step 3

Move the kalanchoe to a sunny window. Kalanchoes are sun-loving plants and without adequate light, they will be weaker, won't produce blooms, and the stems will become long and leggy.

Step 4

Water the kalanchoe generously when the top of the soil is dry, but never allow the pot to sit in water. If the pot doesn't have drainage holes in the bottom, you'll have to be careful about over watering or the plant will develop root rot.

Things You'll Need

  • Water-soluble fertilizer


  • Kalanchoe
  • Care of the Kalanchoe Plant
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