Raccoon Information

Raccoon Information

By Josie Borlongan, Garden Guides Contributor

About Raccoons

Raccoons (Procyon lotor) are omnivorous mammals that grow to about 2 to 3 ft long with weight between 10 to 30 lb. They have a characteristic black "mask" over their eyes and are heavily furred with light and dark grey rings around its tail. They are active year-round but may take cover in dens during periods of severe winter weather.

Prevention and Control

Avoid feeding raccoons. Also cover garbage cans and do not leave food remnants outdoors.

To keep the raccoons away from your garden, protect individual plants with wire cages or surround the entire garden with wire mesh or an electrified fence.

Affected Plants

Plant foods, including all kinds of fruits, berries, nuts, acorns, corn and other types of grain.


Raccoons can damage gardens and eat fruits and vegetables. They have been known to damage homes when in search of a dwelling place.

Other Methods of Control

Traps (check with your local authorities for proper way of trapping raccoons).
Frighten raccoons using sound-producing devices and motion sensor lights.
Use metal garbage cans and tie or anchor your garbage cans to prevent tipping.
Cover chimney with chimney caps to prevent raccoons from entering in your home.

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