Cats and Dogs as Garden Pests

Cats and Dogs as Garden Pests - Pest Control

By Jennifer Olvera, Garden Guides Contributor
cat in garden

About Cats and Dogs

Unrestrained cats and dogs can wreak havoc on gardens. Dogs are famous for digging up newly planted bulbs and flowers and damaging lawns. Cats, on the other hand, like lying upon freshly turned earth and are apt to lie on newly planted seeds. Both cats and dogs may use gardens as a place to relieve themselves, resulting in unwelcome additions to the landscape. Male dogs have a penchant for marking their territory and may do so on crops, while female dogs tend to leave dead spots on lawns.

Prevention and Control

Fencing is an effective way to keep cats and dogs out of the garden, but there is no better way to prevent cats and dogs from becoming garden pests than to train them well and give them their own space to roam.

Affected Plants

Any prized plants in your garden.


Cats and dogs can unearth plants, vegetables, bulbs and fruits. Dogs might choose to urinate on plants and produce or in lawns, resulting in dead spots on grass and crops that fail to thrive.

Natural Defenses

A solution of garlic, hot pepper or soapy water sometimes is effective in keeping cats and dogs away from your garden.

Other Methods of Control

Coyote or fox spray, which comes in liquid form or granules, can be dispensed around the garden area. Bramble stems or wire mesh can be placed atop newly sewn seeds to prevent cats from relaxing in the garden or using it as a litter box. A well-staked wire fence is the best prevention,especially in the case of dogs.

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