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Birds as pests

Birds are both friend and foe to the gardener because they help control insect populations in the garden, but they can also damage your crops. I don't begrudge birds an occasional nibble, but if they seriously damage your garden or spoil your harvest it's time to take action. Try some of these tips to help control your bird population:

  • Scare Tactics
    • Birds can sometimes be frightened off by plastic snakes, inflatable owls, and other devices that resemble predators. Reposition them occasionally so that they appear to be moving around the garden.
    • Unusual noises also frighten birds. Try humming lines, aluminum pie plates, or portable radios.
    • Your cats and dogs will help convince the birds to find another place to nest.
    • Flashing lights work for some birds.
  • Annoy the birds - Coat surfaces where birds like to sit with Bird Tanglefoot. This sticky coating will annoy the birds, and they will not be likely to light there again.
  • Distract Them - Plant alternative food sources to distract the birds from your vegetables or flowers.
  • Eliminate Nesting Sites - Birds like to nest in sheltered areas. Prune fruit trees so that the canopy is open and remove any potential ground nesting sites.
  • Physical Controls - When all else fails, cover your crops with netting or floating row covers.

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